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From the Old Powder Mill on Sycamore Creek to the mystery of Mound Bottom, Cheatham County is as diverse as its landscape.

Cheatham County, while in the midst of unprecedented growth, maintains a small town way of life, which is an attraction outsiders seek.

All ends of the county are beginning to grow and to meet the needs of every expanding part of the county. Municipalities and residents are recognizing the need to come together in order to meet the needs of long time residents and newcomers.   Cheatham County is the destination for families looking to live, work, and play and has the space and opportunity to accommodate all.

The third fastest growing county in the state, Cheatham County residents and officials are working hard in order to insure that this unprecedented growth allows for a pleasant experience for those moving in, as well as for the long-time residents who helped to build and make this county a great place to live.

This philosophy has filtered into the political arena, where decisions made by towns and the county government are based upon factors that affect the county as a whole. As the county grows, everyone has to be responsible to make sure it grows into the county they want it to be. For residents, that means continuing to ensure that Cheatham County is a great place to live, work, and play.

To support equal growth county-wide, the Chamber of Commerce formed three separate chapters representing each unique area of the county.

Take a drive through Cheatham County....It is inspiring! From the rolling hills and farms north and west, through the bluffs and farmland along the Cumberland River, and south through historic Indian ruins and the scenic Harpth River, Cheatham County is a place that has much to offer.  Yet it also has an untouched pristine quality that deserves to be protected.

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"Cheatham County - the last Frontier
one of Nature's Best Kept Secrets"

Cheatham County

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