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Cheatham County Officials...
The location of the following Officials is Cheatham County Court House, 100 Public Square, Ashland City, Tennessee 37015

County Executive: Bill Orange
As chief executive officer for the county, Bill Orange oversees the daily operations of county facilities. He is chair of the county Budget Committee and is a non-voting member of all the County Commission's standing committees. In addition to his duties on committees here, Orange is required by state law to serve on several other boards outside of Cheatham County.
Phone: (615) 792-4316

Director of Accounts and Budgets:  Frank Luppe, CPA
Mr. Luppe oversees the budgeting process for Cheatham County, working with various department heads and county commissioners to formulate a sound budget.
Phone:  (615) 792-7314

Administrator of Elections: Sandra Smith
Sandra Smith's job is to help the five-member Election Commission selected by the state to conduct all elections held in Cheatham County. She is appointed by the commission. She also helps certify the election returns and facilitates voter registration and absentee voting. Members of the Election Commission include chair Dorris Sawyer, vice chair Ben Shearron, secretary Janice Thomas, and members Jim Durham and Hadley William Jr.
Phone: (615) 792-5770

Sheriff: John Holder
John Holder serves as the county's head of law enforcement, managing a budget of close to $1 million, including the county jail, an 86-bed facility. The department's personnel respond to all emergency calls in greater Cheatham County. Other duties include serving civil and criminal warrants and subpoenas. The department's staff also handles the county wide Drug Abuse Resistance Education program for fifth-eight grades and high school juniors. A specially trained K-9 unit is also involved in the investigative stages of many drug-related cases in the county.
Phone (615) 792-4341

Emergency Management Director: Edwin Hogan
As Cheatham County's Emergency Management Director, Edwin Hogan, is in charge of coordinating emergency services during natural or man-made disasters. Hogan's department includes a complex array of duties such as handling hazardous materials from a tanker spill to placing warning signs about water covering a roadway. His department is in charge if the county has a weather emergency.
Phone: (615) 972-3443

Circuit/General Sessions/Juvenile Clerk: Julie Womack
Julie Womack serves in a dual capacity as clerk of the Circuit and General Sessions Courts. The General Sessions office sets dockets and maintains files for misdemeanor and felony cases as well as issues warrants on civil and criminal matters. The Circuit office handles civil suits and criminal cases as well as sets the docket, maintain files and impanels the grand and trial juries for criminal matters.
Phone: (615) 792-3272 or 792-4866

Ambulance Director: Ken Simms
The emergency Medical Service Director Ken Simms is in charge of a class A ambulance service which handles approximately 4,000 calls per year. Ambulance stations are located at the fire halls in Kingston Springs and Pleasant View, with the central office in Ashland City on Sycamore Street.
Phone: (615) 792-4324

Chancery Clerk: Doris Sanders
Doris Sanders and her office staff handles all cases in civil court, including probate, domestic, change of custody, divorce, property line disputes, adoptions and name changes. Her office also collects delinquent taxes for Ashland City and Cheatham County as well as late child support payments.
Phone: (615) 792-4620

Economic Development Director: Vickie Pritchett
Phone: (615) 792-4316 or (615) 533-0305

The location of the following Officials is Tucker Empson Building,   210 South Main, Ashland City, Tennessee 37015

County Trustee: Dot Jones
Dot Jones' duties include investing revenue received from sales tax, alcoholic beverage tax, education funds, road funds, gas tax and excess fees from other county offices. In charge of collecting the county's property tax, Jones' office includes an all-certified staff of public administrators.
Phone: (615) 792-4298

County Clerk: W.J. Hall
W.J. Hall's office handles the sale of licenses for all marriages, vehicle registrations, beer permits, notary applications and business taxes. Hall's office is open Monday - Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. and Saturdays from 8 a.m. until noon. In addition to Hall's courthouse office, three deputy clerks are stationed at Cheatham State Bank in Pegram and at Van's Hardware in Pleasant View to handle vehicle registration.
Phone: (615) 792-5179

Register Of Deeds: Dot Dowlen
Dot Dowlen serves as the county Register of Deeds, an office in charge of recording all the instruments required by law, including deeds, powers of attorney, mortgages, wills, court orders, liens, contracts, plats, leases, judgements, military discharges, notices of completion, papers under the Uniform Commercial Code and others. The office is also in charge of collecting state taxes on property transfers and mortgages.
Phone: (615) 792-4317

Property Assessor: Betty Gale Balthrop
The Property Assessor determines the value of all property in the County, both real and personal.  Assessors keep current information pertaining to the ownership of property, along with a description of the property.  Assessors Office is responsible for measuring and listing all new construction, updating property tax maps, and handles personal property assessments (pertain' only to businesses).  State mandated county-wide reappraisals are conducted every 6 years with updating of values every 3 years.
Phone:  (615) 792-5371

Highway Director: Jerry Carney
Jerry Carney is the county's road super-intendment. He is in charge of maintaining and repairing all county roads. Currently there are 388.1 miles of paved roads, and 33.9 miles of gravel roads. Most highway funding comes from the state, i.e. gasoline sales tax, with approximately seven cents received from the local property tax rate. The highway department is located at 1037 Thompson Road in the Industrial Park.
Phone: (615) 792-4240

Building Commissioner: R.D. Huffines
R.D. Huffines manages an office of three codes, inspectors, who oversee building and zoning code requirements in Cheatham County, excluding its municipalities. The office issues building permits for residential, commercial and industrial structures as well as enforces trash laws. As secretary of the county's Planning Commission and Board of Zoning Appeals, Huffines and staff handle all requests for zoning changes and review plans for subdivision developments. The position is appointed by the County Commission. Mr. Huffines is also a Certified Building Inspector with the State of Tennessee.
Phone (615) 792-7915

Veterans Services: James "Bud" Hallums
James "Bud" Hallums coordinates veteran's services for more than 2,800 veterans and family members in Cheatham County, serving as a liaison between the veterans and the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. For services and benefits for Cheatham residents, Hallum's office is at 107 Sycamore Street, Ashland City.
Phone: (615) 792-4587

The location of the following Officials is Cheatham County School Board, 102 Elizabeth, Ashland City, Tennessee 37015

School Superintendent: Bruce Gibbs
Bruce Gibbs is the elected official in charge of overseeing the entire operation of the county's school facilities. Working with a staff of supervisors and principals at each school, Gibb's duties vary from handling transportation between schools, personnel matters as well as state funding from the General Assembly. Gibb's works with the School Board to administer personnel and basic financial matters.
Phone: (615) 792-5664

The location of the following Officials is 2791 Sams Creek Road in Pegram

Solid Waste Director: Jarett Nicholson
The Cheatham County Solid Waste Department, headed by Jarett Nicholson, works to provide efficient and economical solid waste management for the county?s residents while working to preserve the local environment. Waste reduction efforts, including recycling, composting, and litter prevention, is handled by the department?s education division.
Phone: 615-792-7538

Cheatham County

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